Gonzales Elementary

Red Ribbon Week


Gonzales ISD will be participating in the the national drug awareness campaign during the last, full week in October. The themes GPA, EAP and GE will be using bring attention to this observance and are listed below.   -Please keep in mind the GISD dress code policies while planning your child’s attire.


*Beyond the visual observation and most importantly, HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR CHILD ABOUT YOUR DESIRE FOR THEM TO LEAD A HEALTHY LIFE AND TO REMAIN DRUG FREE! “Parents must lead by example. We are our children’s first and most important role models.-Lee Haney


Monday-."Apaches are too " BRIGHT" to use drugs!" Wear your brightest neon colors to let your light shine bright against drug use. Add a pair of sunglasses too, because you are so cool!


Tuesday- "Apaches team-up to put a cap on drug use." Wear your favorite CAP and team shirt to show our commitment to staying healthy.


Wednesday-“Drugs and I Don’t Mix” Wear mismatched socks, shoes or clothes to show that you don’t mix with drugs.


Thursday- "Texans are too tough for Drugs" Show your Texas pride by wearing your best cowgirl/cowboy duds.


Friday- “Apaches say ‘BOO’ to drugs”. Wear your campus approved attire. (GPA and EAP see the back of this sheet.)